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After more than a decade of cannabis cultivation, the only thing that has changed is the facility we cultivate in.

As true-bred Los Angeles farmers, the Jungle Boys have been growing clean, high-quality flower. Since the early 2000s with recent expansion into extracts and rosin.

  • Our mission is simple: to explore and refine cannabis through artisanal practices that respect and honor the plant. Through this simple method, we are able to provide our patients with medicine they deserve and can enjoy.


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Jungle cake, also sometimes referred to as CAKE(the names are literally interchangeable) is a sweet and intoxicating marijuana strain with a name that matches its uplifting effects and tasty flavor profile.

More so, cannabis consumers love jungle cake for its ability to turn sour moments into something beautiful. The mood-altering abilities of this strain are powerful, as well as its capabilities of healing the body. It acts as a well-balanced medicine that is ideal particularly in the evening or later, after work hours, where this hybrid cannabis strain can shine best. Order White Fire Jungleboys.

Also, the specific creation of this breed was the altering of a fan-favorite, Girl Scout Cookies. White Fire Jungleboys delivery White Fire Jungleboys wholesale Jungleboys for sale USA

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Would recommend medicating on Gelato #33 after work as this strain will relax your body, but your brain may slow down a little bit when medicated.

I would not commend this strain when you have important items on your agenda.

This strain does bring a sense of positivity which makes this strain great for comedy movies, stand up comedy, and being with close friends having no responsibility for night.

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